Poker is a game using a deck of cards, where this game is usually played by a group of people who will bet on the final result of this game. Poker first appeared in 1377. Where at that time poker was still not very well known. The first person to introduce the game of poker was a Swiss monk named John of Rheinfelden. At that time John introduced this game with a deck of cards totaling 52 cards. Each card value starts from the number 1 to 10, where it is noted by world historians that that year was the first year the card game was born and became world history to the present. Now the game has the nickname of the game of poker where this game has a core 52 card deck.

At that time the card game was just an ordinary game without any bets, but over time the card game began to become one of the betting games that were increasingly being played in various parts of the world until now.

The History of the Early Versions of the Poker Card Game

History records that at the beginning of poker cards appearing and being introduced, this card game has an early version called The Lying Game where at that time Joseph Crowell described this game through his writing in 1829 ago. At that time the British settlers who came to America in the early days of the invention brought cards which in the end the cards became popular even when people from the native Indians played the card game. Then in 1850 the Riverboat gambling players were born and started playing the card game with a betting version (gambling).

Although at first this card game was just an ordinary card game that was played to just get rid of boredom and just to entertain, which at first this game was usually played by a family or a group of ordinary people who just wanted to play around to get rid of fatigue. But over time. Thus was born the Riverboat gamblers who ended up playing this card game with a betting version.
Where players who from beginning to end are able to survive and beat their playing friends will be considered winners in the card betting game. At that time various forms of poker began to develop, one of which was the 3 Card Monte and the early versions of stud poker.

Modern Card Games

Now the poker card game has become increasingly sophisticated following the times, where the game can be played using a cellphone or PC screen. Players only need good internet quality and dexterity of hands and brain to play this game.

That’s a glimpse of information about poker cards and the initial version of the card was present. Also read other poker related articles on our page to add to your information about poker and various other interesting information related to poker.